Coach Elaine

V.I.B.E method™️

Transform 💫 pain into power

It's a workout from the soul out

What you've been doing, has NOT been working & you need to SEE 👀 a New Way Forward!

  • You’ve tried all the things, and do everything you can to improve your fitness
  • You’re putting in the good work, yet you may still feel overweight, disappointed & think the desires you have for your body are not achievable for you

When you struggle with your physical well-being & can't put your finger on it👇🏽we help you FIND the hidden KEY to your success.

Live & move from your deep core!

  • Get your internal MOTIVATION back
  • Experience FREEDOM from the harmful cycles
  • Make healthy changes + build MOMENTUM effortlessly

Get your🔑 Key to SEE a new way of being fit

it's an Art & Science

There is 1 thing you MUST SEE to accelerate results for your body, and it's not what you think.
Your Body Insight assessment helps you find the #1 thing your body needs from you now!

Accelerate your results with a personal coach

Coach Elaine can be your "spotter" so you keep moving forward, taking inspired action in your exercise, nutrition & healthy lifestyle habits -- putting YOU BACK IN CONTROL of your wellness.  

If needed, Coach Elaine can also clear away mental and emotional clutter, provide reiki distance healing, and intuitive guidance to accelerate your embodiment from a healthier foundation!

A Stronger Body + Stronger Life