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Engaged With Success

Everyone's specific goals, level of fitness, commitment and motivation is unique, we hope these testimonials inspire you to know what IS possible when you get engaged with your body wisdom!

Elaine focuses on correct form and technique, so you get maximum value from each exercise and don’t injure yourself. I seek out real-life functional opportunities to try things I have learned; like working in my front yard, digging up earth, bending and pulling up weeds in the garden, climbing a tall pine tree and pruning branches, swinging a baseball bat, lifting a box spring upstairs, and adopting good posture while waiting for the bus. Elaine has made me strong in my core, back, upper back, and overall balance, so that I’m willing to take on theses tasks with confidence, courage and capability. Not bad for a fellow who turns 71.    Michael

Client Praise

I am so lucky to have Elaine as my trainer!  I had 2 trainers in the past, and had no idea what I was missing out on until I met Elaine. She gives you 100% of her attention during your session. Even during the time she’s not with you, she’ll send you tips and reminders. 

I think the most important takeaway of my training is the education. Each exercise is meaningful. It’s not just about “doing” the exercise. It’s about understanding it and how it affects your muscles. I am so much more aware of how my body works. Now I can extend what I’ve learned into my everyday life e.g. take advantage of walking up hills or stairs, being conscious about keeping good posture, etc.

Communication is also key. She’s able to explain exercises in different ways to ensure you are doing the exercise correctly and avoid injury. I realized with previous trainers, I was just given "tasks" without any purpose attaached to them, and with very little readjustments. Thinking bak, I was probaly doing all my exericses wrong! 

She’s spunky, has great energy and is SUPER passionate about her job and helping you reach your fitness goals. In my last month of training, Elaine even helped me to create a mini fitness program which consisted of videos (of me) doing exercises for my reference as I continue on my own. I highly recommend Elaine!  Emily

Coach Elaine is an supreme enthusiastic motivator who mixes up the sessions to keep interest and focus on different core areas for improvement, whether it's cardio, weight training or basic stretches. Elaine provides different skill levels for each exercise. After nearly a year, my fitness levels have taken a giant leap -- increasing my strength, flexibility, endurance and the ability to easily hoist my carry-on luggage into the overhead rack without making any grunting noises. 


Working out under the expert and inspirational instruction of Coach Elaine is the single most beneficial thing I do for myself.  It's a great way to start the day, and after about 3 weeks it's an addiction. Elaine offers modifications to challenge those who are extremely fit, as well as suggestions for those of us who struggle with less endurance or back pain. Every workout is different, so it doesn't get boring.  Elaine really stresses proper technique, and is very aware of good form to develop correct alignment and injury prevention. 


Elaine is an incredible trainer and healer.  I've worked with her for several years now and I'm so glad I met her.  I have a herniated disc in my lower back and she has been calm, dedicated, and very knowledgeable, as she works patiently with me and we continue my strength-building (physically and mentally).  She has a PT background so even helped my partner when she sprained her ankle.  Elaine has a generous spirit and a creative mind.  Her knowledge about the body is amazing and she easily shows how to put this info to good use for exercises and stretches. Highly recommended! 


Elaine is an outstanding master of her craft. She is incredibly bright and passionate with a deep knowledge of mind and body fitness. Through consistent positive feedback, encouragement and care, she has retrained my mental outlook while retraining my body. Elaine embodies change and has been able to help me with exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to get off my blood pressure meds.  Each session is challenging and tailored to how I am feeling physically or mentally on that day. Elaine’s approach is holistic and equal parts physical trainer, motivational speaker and life coach. Working out under the expert and inspirational instruction of Coach Elaine is the single most beneficial thing I do for myself and I cherish our mornings together.